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Over 120 interview questions and answers to prepare you for ML Engineer interviews at Google, Facebook, Apple and other top tech companies. We have ML Coding, Theory and ML System Design Questions. You can view our free Linear Regression ML Question, Linear Regression Coding Question and System Design Template .

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About This Website

Do you have an ML Engineer interview coming up or are you thinking of switching jobs and want some ML interview prep? If so, then this website is what you are looking for!

There are many websites and books that can assist you with your coding interviews, but if you have a ML Engineer interview there are few resources. Most ML Engineer interviews focus on 3 main components: ML Coding, ML Theoretical Questions and ML System Design. This website will prepare you for all these components. 

These questions are different because they are created based on how top tech companies would ask you interview questions. For example, a company would not ask you to define simple models like Linear Regression or define precision and recall but would need to know that these techniques can be used to answer the question the interviewer is asking. In addition, there are usually 3 or 4 follow up questions that are based on the main question that was asked. Lastly, most companies rate candidates on a scale like 1-5, and to become a stronger candidate you would need to answer the questions throughly rather than answer what is asked on the surface level – this is a skill you need to learn. We have done all the hard work for you and have created strong answers and we indicate within the answers what would differentiate a strong candidate from a mediocre candidate.


The people behind this website had positions at companies like at Google, Twitter and Spotify. Each question is carefully curated so that it mimics a real FAANG interview rather than basic questions about ML which are not asked.

Most research scientist roles require deep specialized knowledge on a certain topic, usually what you studied for your PhD. We have specialization questions (CV, NLP etc.) and we are planning to add questions on more topics like Bayesian Inference, Reinforcement Learning, Maths Foundations and others soon.

We have created the most popular questions and thus most popular topics that you will see in a ML engineer interview. However, we are constantly adding new questions and topics to the website. If you would like a topic added that you think is necessary feel free to send an email!

While we do not have a trial, we are confident in the quality of the questions and answers so we made a few questions freely available. These questions are: linear regression ML question, linear regression coding question and system design template. You can determine after reading these if you would like to pay for full access.

You should undertake these interviews when you are almost ready to interview with companies. Each 1:1 interview gives you 2 hours of personal time with the question creators. We will schedule two 1 hour sessions, one covering a core ML question and the other an ML System Design question. You will receive detailed feedback on your performance and how you can improve.

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